This "blog" is really more of a simple photo journal for a simple photographer.  My journey into photography came like so many others- by accident.  I came to California from Indiana in 2004 for a summer job in Yosemite.  Having spent most of my life in the flatlands of the midwest, I was overwhelmed by my new surroundings and the extensive tour of the southwest I had made on my voyage west.  After a summer of working in Yosemite Valley during the week, and exploring the park on the weekends, I decided to move to Occidental, CA on a whim.  I have always studied topo maps and explored interesting and often remote locations for fun, but photography never really occurred to me.  As I took up surfing and began to explore Sonoma County, the Bay Area, and greater California I was gifted a simple Canon point and shoot camera.  I started taking the camera with me on my daily adventures and so it began.

Disclaimer:  while my images are for sale, I'm not a professional photographer and this is not how I make my living.  While I may share the occasional opinion, this is not meant to be a place of philosophy, judgement or education about the world of landscape photography. For me personally I do not believe there is any shame in how an image is processed, but I do believe artist should be open about whatever process they are using and so in an attempt to be open about what my images are, I usually include technical info.  This site is not meant to be an informative source for the latest and greatest techniques, there are endless talented pros and resources for state of the art advice on technique out there - I am not one of them. My current methods for post processing are extremely rudimentary. I try to keep my images looking as realistic and natural as possible.

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Ben Stein - guy with camera