Its a special time of year for photographers, especially the 9-5 working types like myself.   With the time change there is now extra an extra hour of light in the evenings and sunrise happens at a reasonable time as well.  With the air heating up and flowers starting to bloom its a great time to get out and shoot.  So why not go out every day – I was thinking about some of the challenges Ive seen over the years that require a person to simply post photos everyday, etc.  That’s not very challenging at all ! So Ive come up with a challenge of my own – designed to get us outdoors and push our creativity a little.  Here how it works….

If challenged you have 3 days to accept or else ….. nothing will actually happen.  But people may think slightly less of you – you never know.

If accepted you must create a brand new image for 5 out of the next 7 days.  Thats a full week starting the day after you accept.

You can post to the social media platform of your choice – but you should probably be consistent

You get TWO days off to allow for a little wiggle room when planning your shots.  There is no requirements for the type of gear you use, it can be cameraphone, drone, gopro, whatever…just make sure you post it online within 24 hours of taking it.

There are also no formal requirements for the style of subject matter you have to shoot, it can be a picture of your cat, landscape, abstract, whatever.  Just get out there and create something new.

Here is the fun, and challenging part…


The idea here is to think of the person your challenging- you should probably know them fairly well – and think of something they do not normally photograph, it could be a style or subject matter that they don’t often approach.  The sky is the limit as to what you can add to the challenge but keep it reasonable and obtainable – make it a fun.  This is not supposed to be 5 out of 7 days of perfection – no one expects 5 masterpieces, quite the opposite.  Sometimes we get so focused on a particular goal that tunnel vision sets in. This challenge aims to get you thinking creatively, and outside of your comfort zone. You may just find inspiration with your camera’s phone while at the office using the bathroom, or your neighbors mailbox in the right light.  The real challenge here is to create new work, and see possibilities everywhere- you have to create something every day for a week (almost) so you better keep your eyes open. If anything this is a good excuse to take shot that has been in the back of your mind forever.

Here are some examples of ways you can spice up the challenge:

-Do they only shoot sunsets – have them try sunrise

-Do they only shoot landscapes, have them shoot a portrait- animal or human – from the chest up only ?

-Always in landscape mode- have them tilt the camera vertically.

-Black and White vs Color or vice versa

-Too many shots of the same place – require a location they’ve never been.

-No editing allowed ! – post a completely unaltered image – dust spots and all ! might as well just through it in JPG mode.

-Choose a specific focal length – you could combine any these together – for example: shoot a sunrise in vertical at 200mm

-Maybe they are afraid of getting wet, have them try something that requires

-does your friend visit the same place A LOT – try banning a location

-confine them to a location 2 different takes on the same subject

– you can only shoot within one block of your house, etc.

for the highly skilled individual you could really get technical – just keep it within the realm of “doable” Remember to consider the skill level and safety of the person you choosing and make your additions unique to them. Be nice, but be challenging. I can’t wait to see what kind of creative images and challenges come out of this….

Note: 5 new shots in seven days may be enough for some people- you DO NOT have to add additional criteria- BUT If 5 new shots is not enough of a challenge then try 6, and they must be posted by the midnight on day they were taken to count !

In summary: 

-accept the challenge

-post  FIVE “brand new” images in SEVEN consecutive days – starting the day after you accept

-images must be posted the same say they are taken. use the hashtag #5of7challenge

-challenge at least ONE other person before the 7 days are up

-tweak the challenge to the person your selecting with up to TWO specific requirements(assignments)

-be original, creative and fun.